Greg and Audra Try Face Yoga on Carolina AM!

Audra isn't an expert on the subject, but she did watch a YouTube tutorial.

We love all things DIY on Carolina AM.  Today’s we’re tightening and sculpting with a non-toxic, non-invasive technique that is safe to try at home.  Audra isn’t an expert but she did watch a YouTube tutorial to prepare for this segment.  She shows Greg how to do it live on Carolina A.M.   The first technique is called the V.  It is designed to help reduce lines around the eyes.  It involves squinting and purposely working your lower eyelids.  The second is called flirty eyes which helps prevent wrinkles and eye hollowing.  It involves an upward fluttering of the eyes.  The smooth brow exercise helps stimulate circulation for collagen production and involves a light sweeping across the forehead.  The final exercise uses acupressure.  It requires a light massage, a swift, light pinching motion on the jawline and earlobes.

With regular practice and combined with a healthy lifestyle and organic skincare, face yoga is the trend to try!

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