A Non-Toxic Alternative to Glue – Thursday Tips on Carolina A.M.

When you're out of glue, just use egg whites! Greg and Audra give this hack a thumbs up!

For this week’s Thursday Tips, Greg and Audra give a few hacks you may not have thought of.  To get gum out of your carpet, simply spray the gum with some WD-40,  Use the smart straw to really zero in on the small area and penetrate the gum from underneath.  wait a few minutes to let it work its magic, and wipe away.  You can also remove chewing gum from jeans.  You know, like when you forget to take the gum out of your pockets before washing using WD-40.  For that last minute school project when you’re out of glue use egg whites!  Egg whites are non-toxic, very sticky and they dry fast and clear.   Just paint this natural glue on with a brush or Q-tip and stick away.  The egg whites work best when used for gluing lightweight items, like tissue paper and glitter. That makes them great for crafts. Greg and Audra give this one a thumbs up.  They found the egg white held better than the glue stick.    Now to the garden.  Those slugs and snails that are eating away all your hard work.  If your lettuce, cabbage and tomato plants have holes in the leaves, they are likely the culprit.  They feed on almost anything in the garden.  Turns out they like beer too.  Here’s what you do…get a plastic bottle and use a razor to cut an opening.  Pour the beer into the bottle and put it in your garden.  If you don’t have any beer you can mix molasses with cornmeal, flour and baking yeast.   While you’re in the garden, snip off some azalea leaves for a beautiful centerpiece for your table.  Harriet Charles with Forest Lake Greenhouses gives a tip for that.