Grandmother Gets Her 100th Birthday Wish to Ride on Firetruck

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Help us spread kindness across the Carolinas.   We’ve partnered with the Maguire Law Firm to bring you Carolina Kindness.  We would love to share your stories, big or small.  Email your random act of kindness to 

This week’s kindness spotlights include:

Fire firefighters in Wisconsin making one great-grandmother’s birthday wish come true.  Dale Brewning celebrates her 100th birthday just the way she wanted, in a fire truck with her four kids parading the town where she has lived for 75 years.  Fire fighting runs in her family.   Her son is a former fire chief and of course he helped make this birthday surprise happen.  Her advice for all of us aiming to reach that big 100 milestone? Don’t sit still, keep moving!

A police officer goes beyond the call of duty in Wisconsin after someone came dangerously close to not getting their ice cream delivery order! He hands-delivers ice cream to a family after he arrested their delivery driver. He didn’t want the fam to miss out on the sweet treat just because of someone else’s wrong doing, and even got it there before it melted!  The family embraced the moment with a photo. b

Drive-by Compliments.  Sometimes kindness comes in the simple form of a compliment. This TikTok shares the reactions of what they call, “drive-by kindness,” where they drive around communities giving out compliments.