A Tough Act to Follow, SC Watermelons, and Sneezing Penguins…on Carolina A.M.

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Greg had a tough act to follow at last night’s Purses with a Purpose.  Audra recalls her days at the SC Watermelon Queen.   And it is Fish Fact Friday with Ripley’s Aquarium!

Today’s Fish Fact Trivia question is:  Do penguins need to drink fresh water to survive?  No!  Penguins do not need to drink freshwater.  If you have ever seen the penguins at Ripley’s Aquarium sneeze, it’s because penguins sneeze the salt out of the saltwater they drink!

You can check in on the penguins and Baby Edgerton the newest hatchling!  View them 24/7 using the Ripley’s Aquarium Penguin Cam.  Cick here to go to their live cam!