An Unforgettable Donation and Giving Back to Children of Ukraine…These are our Carolina Kindness Stories

We pause on each Wednesday to observe all the good around us from around the world to our backyards.

We’ve partnered with Maguire Law Firm to bring you Carolina Kindness. Today we begin with a man who’s giving back to the children of Ukraine. The Salt Lake City resident took time off work so he could deliver handmade cards to Ukrainian children who have fled their country. His name is Dirk Astle and with all of his frequent flyer miles and a job where he makes his own schedule, he knew he had the means to do something good. After reaching out to a letter drive that shares words of encouragement with Ukrainian children, he packed two 50-pound bags of letters in his luggage before heading to meet refugees in Poland. Not only did he hand deliver those letters, he’s also donated to an organization that aims to cover the cost of suitcases, transportation, shelter and showers for those who have had to leave everything behind.

After a mishap at a recent game, a new tradition has started at the Charlotte Football Club stadium. Due to some technical difficulties, the National Anthem singer needed a little help and the crowd jumped in to help her finish The Star Spangled Banner. It happened a few weeks ago, and has now become the norm. Before each soccer match, fans help sing the song at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. With the crowd singing along, one performer said it took the pressure off and made the experience feel that much more important.

A North Carolina pharmacist is paying it forward in the form of a kidney! Her name is Dr. Kathleen Kirkland, and it happened by chance at the CVS where she’s employed. A local pastor, Donnie Pickeral was in the store and mentioned he was on the kidney transplant list and she immediately offered to donate. He says he used to go to a different pharmacy but, he stopped into her location and was amazed at how helpful she was…little did he know just how helpful she’d end up being. After this, he says he’s never switching pharmacies again! In May of 2020, Kathleen gave Donnie her kidney. The procedure was successful and now both are healthy, and Donnie is still preaching at his church in Greensboro.

We invite you to do something kind today, whether it’s an act of service or just a kind word, your one deed has the potential to change lives. We also invite you to share your story with us. Email it to Then join us Wednesday mornings for Carolina Kindness sponsored by Maguire Law Firm.