3 Celeb Beauty Secrets You Can Try Tonight

All you need for these DIY celeb beauty hacks is likely in your kitchen pantry!

It’s always a win when you find a DIY that really works for you. especially when it comes to mixing up your own beauty potions at home instead of buying pricey store ones. A few celebs are dishing on their home concoctions in the magazine, “First for Women.”   According to the magazine, Jaclyn Smith recently shares she uses olive oil every 6 weeks to boost shine and moisture.  It’s the oleic acid that gives it a nice shine.  To try, use the olive oil in your pantry. Saturate dry hair with the oil.   Rinse after 20 minutes.   If you have oily skin, you may want to avoid apply it to the roots.  Giada De Laurentiis keeps a slim physique by doing a detox after she eats a lot of starchy foods.  She takes a strip of flannel, coasts it with castor oil and puts it on her abdomen for 45 minutes, with a hot water bottle.   The oil’s ricinoleic acid seeps into the skin, speeding up the lymphatic system’s flow to expel toxins that create what she calls “false fat.”   We looked it up and found no medical evidence to support it but it appears Giada is not the only one applying castor oil. it’s also used for wound healing, hair health.   For glowing smooth skin like Angela Bassett, it’s as simple as using coconut oil.  Bassett says it keeps her complexion hydrated.   Coconut oil is packed with healthy fats and lauric acid that nourish skin and replenish lost moisture, warding off any dry spots that make skin look ashy.  To do try it: a little goes a long way. and just apply as an oil.   No need to rinse it off.   Coconut oil is known to hydrate, smooth, protect calm the skin.   The benefits of coconut oil have been around.  A few years ago Audra tried a coconut oil scalp massage at a North Beach Plantation spa.