What Your Coffee Order Says About You

Take yours black? You are focused, determined, and self-sufficient, But you also tend to be selfish at times.

Whether you order it black, or with some extra flavor, some behavior “experts” claims your coffee order can reveal things about your personality.  Here are a few different drinks, and what they supposedly say about you.  Black coffee means you’re focused, determined, and self-sufficient, but you also tend to be selfish at times.  Those who opt for a latte like to keep things simple, like to go with the flow and aren’t that adventurous. Cappuccino drinkers are said to be open-minded and not afraid to try new things. Those who go for iced coffee could be a “misfit” who likes to go against the grain. Fans of mocha are extroverted, outgoing, and maybe a loud person in general. Decaf wasn’t listed.