This Could Be the Reason Your Clothes Aren’t Coming Clean

If you pour detergent onto your clothes, you probably are making 2 other mistakes.

Sometimes we do the things we do because, well, that’s how we’ve always done them.  Or maybe because someone once told us that’s what we’re supposed to do. But we may be over-doing some daily things.  For example if you are brushing your teeth after every meal, twice daily is plenty.  Otherwise, you can erode your teeth.  How many showers are you taking?  Many doctors say one is fine for most.  More than that could start to cause skin problems, by washing away the good bacteria.  And here’s another.  Putting laundry detergent on top of your clothes in the washer is not the best way.  Put it in first so the water distributes evenly on all your clothes.  That could explain why some are really clean and others come out, well, nearly the same as they went in.