Mysterious Rubber Ducks Sparking Joy at Iowa Elementary School

Someone has been dropping off rubber ducks to the school every day and the kids are loving it!

Someone’s been spreading kindness at this school in the form of rubber duckies.  The duckies are hidden around the elementary school every day since the start of the school year, and no one knows who.   They stopped counting after a while, but say it’s easily over 200 now.  The kids love it and the teachers are finding ways to incorporate it into their lessons.

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Happy “Other’s Day!” When Robyn Donaldson and Emma Hopkinson both realized how difficult they found mother’s day, they decided to start ‘Other’s Day’, and it quickly gained a huge following.  They say they know the overwhelming grief on a parent holiday and the guilt about feeling sad on a day when everyone else is and should be celebrating.  Other’s Day was created a safe space for all who are estranged from someone you love or because its complicated or whatever reason, it’s a place of support.  To follow on Instagram, click here.

Happiness Hotline.  A 5th grade glass in Michigan hopes a quick phone call is exactly what you need.  Whether it’s inspirational quotes, a pep talk or maybe just a joke. They’ve recorded a message for you on their a hotline number they made with the help of their teacher who felt the need to show her students that there is good happening and how they can make a difference.  The messages are recorded by the students in in English and Spanish.  Wanna call? Their number is  574-832-4965.

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