WFXB Spotlights Horry County Volunteer Jason Walter on Carolina A.M.

Jason Walter of Neighbor to Neighbor didn't know Audra was filming a story about him.

We pause each Wednesday to share good around us, often right in our own backyards.   Audra drove to Conway for a ride-along with volunteers in our community that are making a difference.  She caught up with Jason Walter of Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N).  On this particular day he was making a special visit with one of his volunteers Al for a food delivery to Ms. Willa Mae.  It was a weekly delivery but today was extra special, as it was Willa Mae’s Birthday, and they took her a cake.   Audra found there’s so much that goes into making deliveries.   It starts at the pantry site.  In Conway, CAP (Churches Assisting People) is one of many pantry site that participates with groups like N2N.  Volunteers collect, organize and stock the food for pickup and delivery.  Volunteers serve in a variety of ways behind the scenes from the prep, secretarial work, grant writing, and coordinating.   There are many aspects of such a program.  The delivery side involves volunteers delivery food to those in need.  There is a ride program where volunteers drive clients to doctor appointments. With the connect program, volunteers call weekly to check in with a simple phone call.  It’s an opportunity to be heard, and share about their week.  It reduces the effects of loneliness. Another program is coming that will help with other daily tasks like shopping and paying bills. It takes everyone to make this work.  Every volunteer counts.  WFXB salutes Jason Walter and his team of 123 volunteers at Neighbor to Neighbor and the countless others at food pantries that help those in need.

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