Today’s Amazon Find: This Ball Cleans Your Purse While You Shop

 It's the new and easy to way to keep all your bags debris free. We found this and 3 other gadgets to put in your cart.

4 more things you didn’t know you needed from Amazon.  It’s all about the gadgets in today’s Amazon Finds.  You will want to drop this Sauberkugel ball in your cart and directly into your purse.   It’s the new and easy to way to keep all your bags debris free. The inner sticky ball rolls around in your bags and picks up all the dirt, dusty, crumbs. it’s reusable .  Simply take apart, rinse and reuse!   It’s smaller than a golf ball (and perfect for your golf bag too).   Any bag!  Comes in pink or black with 4,000 user reviews for 4 and a half stars, it’s $13 on Amazon.   Drop these in your cart too.   You’ll be glad this time next month. These mosquito treatment patches were created with kids in mind.  It works mechanically not chemically to relieve itching and swelling caused by insect bites from the mosquitos to the “no see’ums.”  Simply place a magic patch on a bite and 30-60 seconds does the trick.  Get a pack of 27 for $15 on amazon.  This is a tool from our Thursday Tips.  It’s the pasta spaghetti fork the pasta fork that serves more than your noodles.   It’s heat resistance up to 480 degrees, won’t scratch your non-stick cookware, has a smooth handle and a large hung hook.  The silicone with a steel rod in the center is the feature that makes it also handy for making the perfect meatballs.  You can press it over your meat for the perfect shape.   It’s $7 on amazon.  Finally this is something good to keep in the kitchen wherever you keep your mail.   Before you toss the junk mail or bills, roll this ID guard over your personal information.   It quickly stamps out your info to conceal.   This is a great alternative if you don’t have a shredder.   It works for prescription bottles, bills, credit card offers, bank statements, and tax returns! A roller will last for about 1,000 impressions.  It covers 3 lines of standard text.  It’s an amazon best seller for  $10.99.