Providing Assitance to Teachers, Ukrainians and a Delivery Mixup Turned Positive…These are Our Carolina Kindness Stories

We pause on each Wednesday to observe all the good around us!

We pause on each wednesday to observe all the good around us from around the world to our backyards. We’ve partnered with Maguire Law Firm to bring you Carolina Kindness.

Today we begin with Air BNB bookings in Ukraine. Despite the chaos happening throughout the country, Air BNB hosts are being flooded with bookings from people all over the world. But, the guests have no plans to visit. It’s part of a social media campaign to funnel money to Ukrainians in need of financial assistance. Air BNB says on March 2nd and 3rd, guests from around the world booked more than 61-thousand nights in Ukraine. More than half of those nights were by Americans. Organizers of the campaign are urging people to make sure the rentals are operated by individuals and not companies.

Our next story involves a delivery mix-up that turned into something heart warming. A man who recently moved from Iowa to Maryland, forgot to change his address on his food delivery apps. So, when he tried to order chipotle the other day, it got delivered to his old address 1,000 miles away. But, his back-and-forth with the delivery guy is why it’s in the news. He still paid, but texted the driver to apologize and offered him the food. The thankful driver texted back said it happened to be his late brother’s birthday and that he was buried nearby. So, he was heading there to see him and decided he would have lunch with him too because of that man’s kindness.

Some teachers still say they’re exhausted as many schools are still dealing with covid-related challenges. But, in Charlotte, North Carolina, one organization wants to help educators by focusing on their mental health. “The Teacher’s Resource,” aims to connect those who feel overwhelmed with self-care help. The organization’s founder, Sonya Battle, does Facebook live and group Zoom sessions with licensed therapists who offer support and assistance to teachers all over the country, whether they’re experiencing burnout, anxiety or just stress. Since 2020, Battle has connected with roughly 1000 educators.

We invite you to do something kind today, whether it’s an act of service or just a kind word, your one deed has the potential to change lives. We also invite you to share your story with us. Email it to