Dechlorinate Your Bath Water with These Vitamin C Tablets in Today’s Amazon Finds

In today's Amazon Finds Audra shares the last 4 items in her cart including these must-haves for bath time!

In today’s amazon finds we get the last four items in Audra’s carts.  It’s Vitamin C tablets for your bath water by Vitabath.  These are pharmaceutical grade to remove chlorine and chloramines from the water.  You can get 100 tablets for $25.   Audra recommends using these in bath water.  Let it dissolve in your bath 30 minutes before adding your bath bombs.  Keep your air cleaner with charcoal bags.  The activated bamboo charcoal eliminates odor and excess moisture. These have been through an extra activation process which makes them unique. The absorption rate is four times faster . Place 2-4 bags in different areas of your room, car, closet.  This 12-pack is $22 on Amazon.  Audra also gets her organic chai tea on Amazon.  This has come in handy as brand-specific items are a challenge to find consistently in stores.  Amazon has saved her from driving around to multiple groceries.  She gets the organic blend of cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper and spices delivered to her door for $9 (24 bags).  Upgrade your outdoor lighting with a GE motion detection bulb.  You simply plug these into your existing sockets.  Outdoor motion sensor lights reduce energy costs and a bulb’s lifetime. When triggered by motion the lights will illuminate for 5 minutes. You can keep them on for an extended time as well if you choose. One bulb is $15. But the energy will cost you less than $1.80 per year.