From Metallica Paying it Forward to a Florence Mom Raising Funds…These are our Carolina Kindness Stories!

We pause on each Wednesday to observe all the good around us!

We pause on each Wednesday to observe all the good around us from around the world to our backyards. We’ve partnered with the Maguire Law Firm to bring you Carolina Kindness. We begin with a Starbucks barista going beyond to make sure one of their customers was okay. It was a late Saturday night when a high schooler was there having coffee and studying. The student was approached by a man that employees noticed she didn’t know…and he lingered as she tried to study. Several of the baristas noticed and decided to do something. One of the employees handed the teen a cup that asked if she was okay and instructed her to take the lid off if they should intervene. She looked up and saw all the employees staring, ready to help. That alone was enough to cause the man to go about his business.

A man received the help from a famous band…Metallica! For the past five years, Anthony Sheriff, aka “Sheriff Drumman” has been a fixture around the LA community. He’s a traveling one-man band from the back of his red Ford and has spent countless hours and money making it his stage. One morning he woke to find the truck missing with everything…including his massive 13-piece drum kit, his entire livelihood stolen. The truck was later found stripped and the drums no where to be found. Donors helped him rebuild his truck and later the legendary rock band decided to help out and replaced that very expensive kit.

This story comes to us from a viewer who shared with us the story of a woman in Florence and how she used struggle for good. She’s turning it into dancing as a way to help others. Mandy Perkins’ daughter was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at a young age. Its an overwhelming diagnosis as there is no known cure. She found comfort in the stories of other families and she and her family have participated in awareness and fundraising events over the course of years. Now, the family is dancing their way to helping find a cure. They will be holding a Mom Prom in Florence this spring.

You know those days when things are so overwhelming you don’t know where to start? That’s where a grandmother’s wise words would and did help. Elena Mikhalkova was having one of those days and decided to share her grandmother’s wise words and now it’s impacting lives around the world.

“In difficult times you move forward in small steps. Do what you have to do, but little by little. Don’t think about the future, or what may happen tomorrow. Wash the dishes. Remove the dust. Write a letter. Make a soup. You see? You are advancing step by step. Take a step and stop. Rest a little. Praise yourself. Take another step. Then another. You won’t notice, but your steps will grow more and more. And the time will come when you can think about the future without crying.

We invite you to do something kind today, whether it’s an act of service or just a kind word, your one deed has the potential to change lives. We also invite you to share your story with us. Email it to