Check Out This Retractable Bluetooth Fan in Our Amazon Finds!

It extends and retracts when you turn it on...and it has a built in speaker!

In today’s amazon finds these are all items from the overstock outlet of Amazon.   We scored to find some things you could take advantage of now for the spring.    This hummingbird feeder is a hand blown glass feeder.  It holds 30 ounces. comes with the hook, ant moat, hanger and a brush to keep it clean.  This is just under $12 on Amazon.   These patio chaise lounge covers are will keep your furniture clean.  They are waterproof so it helps prevent the fading and damage that can happen over time.   You can select the size you need.   These come in a 2 pack. The standard size is 2 for $35.   You can really upgrade things for the spring with this retractable Bluetooth fan. It extends and retracts when you you turn it on and off.  It’s 42″ when expanded and 18″ when closed.  It has speakers built into it.   It comes with a remote and you can control the music using the Bluetooth on your phone.  ‘This one is $139.   Spray off the pollen and water your plants with this garden hose that extends 100 feet.  It’s collapsible and stretchable with a three quarter solid brass fitting.   Get rid of the poor plastic connectors that keep breaking and upgrade to this one  just $27 on Amazon.