NC Florist Remembers “Forgotten” Widows with Special Deliveries on Valentine’s Day

Each Wednesday WFXB teams up with the Maguire Law Firm for Carolina Kindness.

Each Wednesday WFXB teams up with the Maguire Law Firm for Carolina Kindness.  We begin with a local act from Myrtle Beach. Help us spread kindness, do something kind today and see what happens.  Then, share it with Greg and Audra by emailing  

Love is at Robeson Community College. The school recently spotlighted two alumni Percell and Jessie Hunt who have produced 26 years of happiness. The couple met as teenagers and both had dropped out of school to work full time jobs. The couple realized the importance of education after they were grown. One thing led to another that began with getting their GEDs at RCC.  Now four degrees, two GEDs, four kids and three grandkids later, they continue to push each other to new heights and inspiring others!

A mom helps turn one of the hardest weekends into joy for those who have lost a spouse.  Valentine’s Day can be especially hard for some who have experienced the loss of a loved one.  Ashley Manning used her resources as a florist to help make it a little brighter.  She posted on Instagram asking people to nominate widows to receive a free bouquet, for those whom may feel forgotten.   Nominations poured in. she then recruited dozens of volunteers and found other sponsors to donate things for a gift basket.   Together they were able to deliver flowers and gift bags to 120 widows in the Charlotte, NC area!

This act of kindness came to be when the Eagles lost in the first round of the playoffs.  Here’s how it started.  Audrey Soape lost her dad and grandfather within a few weeks.  It’s been hard on the whole family. When a formal father-daughter dance at their church came up, her mom surprised her daughter by reaching out to someone Audrey admired.   Audrey is a big football fan who has followed the career of NFL safety Anthony Harris for years.  When the NFL Eagles star heard about the situation, he said since the Eagles lost in the playoffs, he was free and would be honored to escort Audrey to the dance.  Then one of his reps called to pay for her dress, hair and makeup!