Hair Stylists Makes Game Out of Getting Hair Cut for Autistic Child

The two of them move all around the room, making a game out of avoiding the clumps of hair that have fallen.

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A Rhode Island surfer, Dan, had just finished surfing when he had an idea about sharing his passion for surfing with other people who are going through a major loss.  He recently lost two important people in his life when his best friend and his father passed.  He found solace in the sea, writing their names on his surfboard.  He made a TikTok about it and invited people to share names of loved ones to add to his board. So far more than 1,000 names are on his  board and has taken them out in the sea for a ride in a project he has named One Last Wave project.

Six-year-old Jack was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Haircuts for Jack are scary as he doesn’t like loud noises or hair touching his skin. Jack’s family found this hairstylist Ree who performs jack’s haircut while standing up.  The two of them move all around the room, making a game out of avoiding the clumps of hair that have fallen.  Ree keeps the mood upbeat and fun.  The boy’s family calls this stylist Ree a blessing. To return the kindness, the family made a social media post about his extraordinary gift.  He has received messages and monetary gifts which helped after his business suffered from the pandemic.

A group of West Florence students are crusading to help some of their neighbors.    These students are part of the The Sharper Knights program at West Florence High School.  It’s a new club that brings these young men together under the common goal of being the best they can be.  They have mentors from other male faculty in the school, they plan community service projects and set up volunteer programs.  In fact they have to each contribute at least 30 hours of service each semester.  They shared their latest project with us.  They are collecting jackets for the House of Hope through January 28.  If you wanna help you can drop gently used or new coats off at the school by Friday.