U.S. Sends Second Round of Supplies to Ukraine, NATO Troops on Standby

The second weapons supply shipment from the United States has made it’s way to Ukraine. The first shipment of security assistance from the U.S. arrived on Friday and included ‘close to 200,000 pounds of lethal aid, including ammunition for the front line defenders of Ukraine’. According to the U.S. Embassy, the second shipment included ‘more than 80 tons of weapons.’

Today, NATO allies also announced they’re putting forces on standby and sending additional ships and fighter jets to Eastern Europe. President Biden also discussed options for bolstering U.S. Troop levels in the Baltics and Eastern Europe with his top military officials during a briefing at Camp David on Saturday. Yesterday the U.S. State Department announced it would reduce staff levels at the Embassy in Kyiv out of an ‘abundance of caution’ beginning with the departure of nonessential staff and family members.