A Better Way to Clean Your Ceiling Fan and Other Hacks for The House

You'll wonder how you ever cleaned without these tips.

In this week’s tips we’ve got hacks straight from the DIY Mommy.

Curtain hack – Make your tab curtains fuller with the toilet paper liners.  Cut your toilet paper roll into thirds.   She uses nine per curtain.  Put one tab in between each tabs until you’ve filled it.  This makes each piece even and adds fullness and gives a more elegant look.

Floral arrangement hack – Take a vase and fill with water. then take masking tape or packing tape and cut in thirds. place in grid pattern on top of the vase. she placed three horizontally, two vertically. cut your flowers to size and place them into the slots you’ve created. this helps nice space between your flowers to keep it looking even.

Clean your ceiling fan with a pillowcase for a more sanitary process.  Place over your fan blade and use it to dust.  The debris and dust particles fall into the case.  Then toss in the washer.