Is This TikTok Hack for Closing a Potato Chip Bag Worth the Effort?

Audra and B.J. try it out.

We all know it’s good for you. but getting to that precious juice tucked away in those zillion little seeds is daunting.  Here’s a solution. Scoop them out. put them in a plastic bag.  Press to crush the juice out.  Snip a hole in the bag and pour.  Now you have that super-antioxidant charged shot!  Use your hand held can opener to get into those sealed packages. Who can ever find the scissors anyway in the kitchen! No more pulling, tearing, or dulling your kitchen knives trying to open it.  Let your can opener do its job.   Here’s a way to seal it off with your bag of chips with a few folds that takes just 15 seconds.   Press the air out of the bag.  Fold the corners to the center to make a triangular shape.  Roll the bottom of the fold up and tuck the top into the pocket you’ve made.  The tight seal locks it.  To test, turn bag upside down.