Four Things You Need from Amazon Thanks to TikTok

You'll be crushing it for your next party with this Amazon find.

In this week’s Amazon Finds we’ve got four products made popular by social media trends.
This portable set of soap sheets, paper soap, come in their own case that fits just right into your purse or carry on.  No more depending on public restrooms to keep your hands clean when you’re traveling.  Or spilling sanitizer all over your other items.  Simple take a sheet out and lather up. This set gives 200 sheets in individual containers.  The scents are lemon lavender, aloe and cooling sea slat.  4 and 3/4 star reviews.  10% off today for this find at $8.98 on Amazon.
If you like a good clean, then you’ll want to get these Swedish dishcloths for your kitchen.
Made from natural woods and unbleached cotton fibers.. They are more absorbent than traditional kitchen towels.  This soft dishcloth is also great for washing fragile dishes, cleaning counter tops, and also great for wiping down your bathroom.  They are 100% biodegradable so when its time to replace, you can throw these away into your compost pile or recycle with your papers.  You get a 12 pack of of towels and a bonus natural loofah with this set for $16.84 on Amazon.
Start your rides off right this year with a fresh scent and recharge!  This 12 volt USB aromatherapy air freshener and charger for your car refreshes and cleans air in your vehicle.  It claims to remove allergens, pollen and dust.  Also good for getting rid of smoke, pet, food and teen odors like those old cleat smells. No extra space needed for this unit, it plugs into charging port and gives your devices a fast charge. $24.99 on Amazon.
 And if you are looking to make a big purchase with those Amazon gift cards. This could be the thing! Who doesn’t love crushed ice.  This GE countertop nugget ice maker delivers chewable crunchable craveable ice that’s ready fast.  It’s made form compacted ice flakes and is perfect for cocktails, and any beverage.  It makes up to 24 pounds per day, a pound per hour.  It has built in Bluetooth so you can schedule fresh ice.  It’s portable and sits right on the countertop.  The voltage is 120.  This is $412 on Amazon.