House Select Committee Stands Down on Requests for Trump White House Documents

The house select committee investigating the Capitol Riots stood down on requests for documents from the Trump White House after the Biden administration convinced them to scale back their pursuit. The move makes the committee ineligible to get hundreds of pages of national security council records which might not have been beneficial anyway. This is the first time the Biden administration pushed back against the committee as the national archives is working through thousands of records from the Trump administration at their request. Earlier this month, the Biden administration said it wanted to keep the documents secret to preserve the confidentiality of discussions and advice around the presidency. A lawyer for the Biden White House, Jonathan Su said “the documents for which the select committee has agreed to withdraw or defer its request do not appear to bear on the White House’s preparations for or response to the events of January 6, or on efforts to overturn the election or otherwise obstruct the peaceful transfer of power.”