Stories of Kindness to Get You Through the Week!

Do something kind today and see what happens.

Each Wednesday WFXB teams up with Maguire Law Firm for Carolina Kindness.

Santa grants an early wish for a 7 year-old cancer patient.  It’s Santa’s busiest time of the year, but he found time to make a sick child’s dream of meeting him come true. Even as he walked into the department store, he doubted it happening but when he saw Santa waiting for him in a Macy’s department store, everyone got misty eyed.  And since the Make-A-Wish and Macy’s helped make this happen…there was more in store for the little boy.  He and Santa got into a bright red Tesla and drove to a convention center that had been turned into a winter wonderland!

This story comes to us from Florence.  Teachers and staff give a heart touching house warming to one of their own.  Mr. Hawkins is a custodian at Royall Elementary where he greets students each morning, often by name.  You can often find him attending games, concerts, games, recitals. What many don’t realize behind his everyday smile is a lifetime of struggle.  He lost his parents at a young age and found himself homeless for years.  Well into adulthood, Mr. Hawkins learned to drive, got his license, joined a community church, got a job. He recently got a new apartment.  His family at the school got together and donated furniture, décor, plants, and a stocked pantry. And before he moved in on Thanksgiving, they cleaned, painted and decorated his new home for the holidays and gave him the best house-warming welcoming one could ask for!  To learn more about Jimbo Hawkins, click here.

Pay it forward.  Do something kind today and see what happens.  Then, share it with Greg and Audra: