How to Set Up a Fabulous Hot Chocolate Bar at Home!

Take your hot coco up a notch with these easy and budget friendly items.

Greg and Audra cheers to taking hot chocolate to a new level with these easy and budget friendly items.  This is how Laura Pence, WFXB producer, serves up her holidays.  And it’s perfect for your gathering too especially for family movie night, or Christmas Eve with family visiting for the holidays!

Make your hot chocolate bar by serving up crushed candies such as:
-candy canes
-heath bar
-mini marshmallows
-white chocolate chips
-red and green M&M’s
-Andies mint pieces
Make whipped cream available and an extra bottle of Hershey’s to make it even more chocolatey!
To decorate your mugs, use vanilla icing to stick candies on the rim, and put in the fridge for a bit!