How to Spot a Scam Text!

A few red flags to spot right away!

Tis the season for phone scams.  There was $86 million stolen last year from scams by texts.  Senior adults lost the most so AARP put out a bulletin on how to spot fake texts.  Red flags include:

  1. The text or email suggests a relationship that doesn’t exist.  For example, you get a friendly message from a bank you don’t use or a text referring to a package you don’t didn’t order.
  2. Spelling mistakes and poor grammar
  3. Emojis.  Legit companies rarely insert these.
  4. The message has a link not associated with the company.
  5. The message is directed to multiple numbers and people.  Businesses don’t send out chain messages.
  6. All capital letters.  Scammers see this as a way to GRAB YOUR ATTENTION.
  7. A sent time on a personalized email or text that suggests it originated from a foreign country.   If you received the message at 3 a.m., it likely didn’t come from a business.
  8. The text requests personal information from you.  It asks you to text back your phone number. Legitimate companies don’t seek information this way.

It’s always best to not call the number in the questionable message or click any link included.  Instead, call the business directly.