Carolina Kindness Update: Taylor Novinger Gets a Kidney! More Than 20 Applied to Donate

This Carolina Kindness began in the Pee Dee earlier this year. A community campaign was formed to help find a donor match for 21-year-old Taylor Novinger. More than 20 people applied to donate! Audra talks with Taylor after his surgery.

Each Wednesdays Carolina A.M. dedicates an entire block to sharing good news from around the world to our backyards.

Taylor Gets a Kidney!

We begin with an update to a story we brought you in May about a campaign friends and family launched to help 21-year-old Taylor Novinger find a kidney donor.  We are happy to report, Taylor was matched and got his kidney this week.   More than 20 people applied to be his donor.  In the end his cousin from Ohio was the perfect match.   Audra communicated with Taylor yesterday about the culmination of kindness.  Taylor says,

“I have had so many people just give me a call and ask me how I’m doing.  I feel like one of the simplest things you can do is just ask someone how there day is and then that leads to more of a conversation.  Kindness has affected me tremendously though prayer and genuine concerns from people.”

Mississippi Homecoming Queen 

We go to Mississippi for this story where we find a true queen.  The community in Brooklyn, Mississippi, recently suffered a tragic loss.  A.J. Walters, a mother of two who worked as a secretary at the school, passed away after battling cancer.   One of her final wishes was that her daughter, senior Brittany Walters, wouldn’t miss homecoming no matter what.   Community members raised money to buy Brittany a dress and extra to have her hair and makeup done.  Then something extraordinary happened on the field.   The senior that was announced as homecoming queen gave her crown to Brittany.  She walked over during the ceremony and crowned her.

Bride Gets Wedding Gown for 77th Anniversary

This act of kindness comes from a Hospice group that gave a bride her very own gown for her 77th wedding anniversary.  In 1944, Frankie didn’t have a wedding dress.  For her 77th anniversary this month, the hospice team in St. Croix, Minnesota found one for her and planned a special day to celebrate. A music therapist played tunes while Frankie’s daughter walked her down the (lawn) aisle towards her one true love.  Hospice is about honoring the entire life of a patient, this group went the extra mile!