How to Make the Most of a Quick Getaway

Use your time are tips on how to do so.

Time is precious…especially if you’re planning for a weekend getaway. Here’s tips on making the most of a quick trip.
Take the extra steps to settle in, instead of living out of your suitcase. It’ll make where you’re staying feel more homey.
Also, before you even leave home, call in some reservations. It will save you time instead of having to scramble to look for restaurants to try or attractions to see. If you’re flying, use your airport¬†wait time for it.
Try to schedule in some time¬†for self care. Whether it’s pedicures, a walking tour or half hour massages! Things like this can help get you into a more relaxed state which is perfect for vacation mode!
Finally, stay on top of your health. Don’t miss out on special meals, or activities because you’re under the weather…. drink plenty of water, get enough rest and consider packing some extra medications just in case.