Biden Administration Announces Sanctions on Russia

The Biden Administration has announced sanctions on Russia as well as diplomatic expulsions. The move is a punishment on Russian individuals and entities allegedly involved in the SolarWinds cyber intrusion and interference in U.S. elections. In the announcement the U.S. formally named the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service as who was behind the SolarWinds hack, which affected the Federal Government. The White House is also expelling 10 Russian Diplomats in Washington, including “representatives of Russian intelligence services,” for the cyber hack and the election meddling. Those being expelled will have 30 days to leave the country.

During a call on Tuesday, with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Biden indicated that he wants to reach some stability in their relationship, and believes that if Putin agrees, that they can “find a course ahead that does not lead to a cycle of confrontation.” During their call it was proposed that they hold a summit in order to have more discussions.