Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning

The birds are chirping and flowers are in bloom…so, you know what that means…it’s time for spring cleaning! If you dread the tradition, there are ways to make it a little less difficult.
Start by going room to room and you don’t have to them all in one day. Spread them out over a week or even a month. Creating a checklist for each room is a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything and can be more effective when deep cleaning.
When it comes to getting rid of clutter, it can be helpful to separate your belongings into 4 categories. Trash, give away, put in storage and put away. Bring boxes and trash bags in to make the process easier.
Tackle seasonal chores too! As you prep for warmer weather, incorporate those tasks into your cleaning schedule. Whether it’s cleaning the grill, power-washing the patio, it will also help give your home a refreshed look.
Turn your spring cleaning into habits! Keeping up with things on a daily basis will make next year’s process a whole lot easier. Taking 15 to 20 minutes each day to tidy up will help you stay on top of the inevitable messes that come throughout the year.