President Biden Orders First Known Airstrikes Against Syria

President Biden ordered airstrikes on buildings in Syria yesterday evening in his first known use of military force. The strikes were ordered in retaliation for recent attacks on U.S. targets in neighboring Iraq and continued threats. Three rocket attacks occurred in one week in Iraq, including one fatal hit on a U.S.-led coalition base. This all came amid attempts by the U.S. to re-enter talks with Iran and possibly rejoin the 2015 global Iran nuclear deal. Despite being a highly sensitive time, it’s believed President Biden felt it necessary to signal not only our intolerance towards such attacks, but our military strength. The retaliation was ordered against buildings used by Iranian-backed militias. Multiple facilities were destroyed with the the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirming today that 22 people were killed. The move has been referred to as “carefully calibrated,” “proportionate” and “defensive” by Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby. They hope the move will deescalate the situation. Syrian and Iranian officials have yet to comment on the incident.