FDA Reviews Johnson & Johnson Vaccine for Emergency Use Authorization

The Johnson and Johnson coronavirus vaccine will undergo a review from an independent FDA advisory committee today. The hope is their review will officially pave the way for emergency use authorization in the U.S. The single dose vaccine was already given the thumbs up during an initial review several days ago. The vaccine was proven to be 72% effective in the U.S. and 67% globally. Unlike Pfizer and Moderna, this vaccine causes fewer side effects, only requires a single dose and does not need to be refrigerated at such low temperatures which will make it both easier to distribute and allocate. But just like the other vaccines, this one has also shown to prevent serious disease and death. The all-day meeting is predicted to end favorably with the panel recommending emergency use for adults. An official call from the acting commissioner of the FDA will then be made in a matter of days. Dr. Anthony Fauci said a third vaccine is “nothing but good news.” As soon as it is approved, Johnson and Johnson has confirmed they can make 20 million doses available in March with an additional 80 million by the end of June that would fulfill their contractual agreement with the government.