Ted Cruz Faces Criticism After Trip to Mexico Amid Texas Weather Crisis

Ted Cruz is facing extremely heavy criticism for visiting Mexico amid the severe weather crisis in Texas. On Wednesday, while millions were without power and water, the senator was seen flying to Cancun with his family. Outrage blew up online almost immediately. Cruz returned home yesterday evening and was bombarded at both the airport and his home by enraged residents. Cruz claims he only flew to Mexico to accompany his daughter’s who wanted to go with friends and had second thoughts the moment he sat down on the plane. Cruz has since admitted it “was obviously a mistake” and that “in hindsight I wouldn’t have done it.” However, his statements appear to be contradicted by texts from his wife that recently surfaced. The leaked messages apparently show Heidi Cruz asked neighbors to join them on an almost week-long trip since their house was “freezing.” She also allegedly suggested they to go to a Ritz Carlton that was $300 a night and further told them it was a safe resort she’s visited several times before.