Power Returning to Texas, Clean Water Still Scarce

Power is finally being restored to most Texans, however they’re still faced with a barrage of other issues. Early this morning, around 200,000 customers remained without power compared to the previous four million. But many areas are still struggling to find clean drinking water as the tap is still too dangerous. 13 million are under boil water advisories, which is difficult to adhere to without power. And thanks to burst pipes, no operating generators and frozen fire hydrants, water pressure statewide has been heavily impacted. Firefighters have had to work with less water than usual and not even airports or hospitals are safe. Residents attempting to find bottled water have also hit a wall as grocery stores have been wiped clean, restrictions placed on most-essential items, and extremely long lines are observed. The city of Houston’s Office of Emergency Management confirmed they had crews working throughout the night to position pallets of water bottles to at least one mass distribution site. President Biden has also called for more resources to be delivered to the area.