NASA Rover Safely Lands on Mars in Historic Mission

NASA has made history yet again as their rover Perseverance has safely landed on Mars! The robot, which weighs over a metric ton, is said to be one of NASA’s most sophisticated pieces of technology. It had been hurtling through space since July. Following what scientists called the ‘seven minutes of terror, in which a parachute was deployed and the rover was forced to land without any help or intervention from NASA, the rover successfully touched down on the planet at 3:55 p.m. just as planned. The 292.5 million mile journey and landing was met with a standing ovation by the team that had worked so hard to get the rover there. The rover is currently located in the middle of its targeted landing zone, about 2 kilometres away from an ancient river delta. It’s an area that has never been touched by man before. Now engineers are turning their focus to testing and adjusting the rover to the planet’s rocky terrain and making sure it works. They’re also collecting their first few photos and videos, which will be sent back to Earth via satellite.