Gas Leak Explosion in Bronx Injures at Least 9, Including Children

A gas explosion in the Bronx has seriously injured at least nine people, including children. The blast occurred around 3:30 yesterday afternoon on the second floor of an apartment building. According to one source, the explosion was so powerful that it sent building debris flying across the street, including doors and brick from the walls. Of the nine people who were hurt, six were children under the age of 18. Two of those children are now hospitalized and in critical condition. In addition to all this, one firefighter also suffered minor injuries. There have also been reports that a mother was forced to throw her 6-month-old baby out a second story window to a neighbor down below before climbing down a ladder with her injured 4-year-old. The FDNY deputy assistant chief confirmed heavy damage to the front of the affected building, as well as two others next door. After evacuating the building, authorities determined it was structurally stable despite the damage. A gas leak appears to be the cause of the incident.