Federal Investigators Look into Possibility Capitol Riot was Planned

Federal investigators are now looking into the possibility that the riot at the U.S. Capitol was planned. To start, photos and video captured show some protesters came armed with weapons, zip ties and bombs which indicate some level of intent. An investigation is also now underway into why panic buttons were removed from a House representative’s office prior to the deadly raid. Members of Congress have further raised questions as to how Capitol rioters appeared to have a detailed knowledge of the building’s layout. The FBI is also looking into an unusually high volume of visitors and tours in the Capitol the day before the riot. This is especially concerning since access has been restricted this year due to the pandemic. It’s possible these may have been ‘reconnaissance missions.’ As the investigation continues, so do the arrests. The most recent, and most stunning, apprehension in connection to the raid was that of Olympic gold-medalist Klete Keller who was seen wearing his USA team jacket while in the Rotunda.