Yesterday Marks Deadliest Day in U.S. Since Pandemic Began

The U.S. has once again witnessed it’s deadliest day since the pandemic began. More than 4,300 Covid-19 related fatalities were recorded yesterday. This is now the second time, both this month and this year, that the U.S. reported over 4,000 deaths in a single day. Since January 1st, the U.S. has seen nearly 3 million new infections. Hospitalizations also remain high, with over 131,000 people currently receiving treatment for their life-threatening symptoms. Many experts attribute the unprecedented surge to several factors and say they’re not surprised. As predicted for months now, an increase in cases comes during the cold winter months, following holiday gatherings despite warnings, increased traveling, and students returning back to schools. It seems with the rollout of the vaccines, more people are loosening safety guidelines. In an attempt to combat this, the CDC is now requiring negative Covid-19 tests from all air passengers entering the U.S. effective January 26th. This is especially crucial as more cases of the new Covid variant are being reported.