First Woman in 70 Years Federally Executed This Morning

The first woman in nearly 70 years was federally executed early this morning. In 2008, Lisa Montgomery was sentenced to death by a Missouri jury for the gruesome murder of a 23-year-old woman four years earlier. The victim was 8 months pregnant at the time when Montgomery strangled her, forcibly removed the infant from her body, and kidnapped the baby. Montgomery was found a day later with the baby by police and soon after confessed to her crime. Montgomery’s attorneys, family and supporters attempted to commute her sentence, arguing she was not in a fit mental state to receive lethal injection. It’s reported she suffered with brain damage and severe mental illnesses that resulted from sexual abuse she suffered as a child. However, their efforts were unsuccessful. The 52-year-old was pronounced dead at 1:31 a.m. She was the 11th inmate this year to be executed and the only woman on Death Row. Two more men are also scheduled to be put to death this week.