Ex-Michigan Governor, Other Officials to be Charged in Flint Water Investigation

Several top Michigan officials will be charged in relation to the Flint water investigation. The primarily black city was first thrust into the spotlight in 2015 after numerous residents became ill. They reported symptoms such as hair loss and rashes. Doctors also discovered dangerous amounts of lead in children’s blood. An outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease between 2014 through 2015 also contributed to around 12 deaths. It was later discovered bacteria in the water was to blame, forcing residents to drink bottled water only for years. In 2014, then Michigan Governor Rick Snyder switched Flint’s water supply to the river in order to save money while a new pipeline was being built. However, the water was not treated and lead from old pipes contaminated the supply. Eventually the state settled dozens of lawsuits with $500 million for the victims. Now Snyder, his Health Director Nick Lyon, and several other Michigan officials, have been told they will be charged in connection to the crisis. The charges have not been revealed yet.