Two Capitol Officers Suspend, Dozens More Under Investigation After Riot

A major security failure is to blame for the riot on Capitol Hill last week, according to federal agents. While there was no clear, organized plot to storm the Capitol, intentions and threats were made online for weeks leading up to the event. It was so concerning, the FBI and NYPD forewarned Capitol Security about the possibility of violence. The FBI even went so far as to visit over a dozen extremists already under investigation and urge them not to attend the march on D.C. Despite this, the mob was still easily able to overwhelm Capitol Police. Amid an internal probe, two U.S. Capitol Security officers have been suspended so far. This includes the officer who took a selfie with rioters and another who was seen wearing a “Make America Great Again’ hat while ushering them inside the building. At least ten other officers are under investigation for potentially violating department policies. No arrests have yet been made against any officers on duty at the capitol that day.