Major Corporations Halt, Reassess Political Donations

Major companies are distancing themselves from President Trump and politics, after the attempted siege in Washington D.C. last week. During 2020 alone, business PACs contributed more than $360 million towards politics, with GOP members receiving around 57% of those donations. But now, in what’s being referred to as the corporate revolt, some of country’s largest businesses are freezing or reassessing their donations. This is especially true for Republicans who have touted the idea of widespread voter fraud for weeks. It’s not clear if this is temporary, but the actions taken are unprecedented. Coca-Cola, Google, Facebook, Hallmark, Microsoft, UPS and more major players have unilaterally suspended their monetary contributions. Others such as Amazon, American Express, AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Marriott have halted donations for all 147 Republican lawmakers who voted against certifying the election. GoFundMe has banned any travel fee fundraising for those who attend potentially violent political events and AirBNB is working to ban Capitol rioters from returning on or around inauguration day. Those still reviewing their donations are Walmart, CVS, ExxonMobil, Delta, and FedEx.