FBI Warns of More Potentially Violent Riots in Capitols Across U.S.

The FBI is now warning of more potential riots being planned at every capitol nationwide in the coming days. Their intelligence indicates armed protests could take place at all 50 state capitols, and one major one in Washington, D.C. leading up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration day. The FBI has also been led to believe there may be an “uprising” if President Trump is removed from office prior to January 20th. Given the deadly acts of insurrection committed last week, security officials have assured these threats will be taken more seriously. The most support is currently going towards D.C. as they prepare for the inauguration. President Trump has agreed to sign an emergency pre-disaster declaration order for the city. Law enforcement support from surrounding states including Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York will be deployed along with 15,000 National Guard members. The Washington Monument was closed and Mayor Muriel Bowser has also urged Americans to avoid the area through next week. State capitols across the nation are also taking similar security precautions.