Congress Voting on 25th Amendment Resolution Today

President Trump has made it clear he has no intentions of leaving office on his own as Democrats proceed with impeachment. The House will vote on the resolution today which calls for the removal of the president by the 25th Amendment. It demanded Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet invoke the 25th in 24 hours as they claim President Trump is “unable to successfully discharge the duties of his office.” Even though Trump and Pence have only just begun to talk again following the riot, the vice president has never expressed any intentions of assuming temporary power. After the House vote this evening, it will go to the Senate where it is likely to fail. In that case, the House will move forward with impeachment proceedings. The vote to impeach President Trump for a historic second time is expected to take place tomorrow. The single article proposed accuses Trump of inciting the insurrection on Capitol Hill where it’s believed some of those in attendance planned to take hostages or even kill members of Congress.