New Coronavirus Relief Bill Might Include Direct Stimulus Payments

The new coronavirus relief bill Congressional leaders seem so optimistic about is rumored to contain direct stimulus payments! Lawmakers have until tomorrow to pass a $900 billion federal funding bill that will include some sort of Covid aid. After months of stalemates, our nation’s leaders are finally signaling a bipartisan agreement is close at hand. It would enhance jobless benefits, grant more small-business funding, and allocate money for vaccine distribution. Even more exciting is the prospect that direct stimulus payments may once again be sent to everyday Americans who’ve struggled immensely during the pandemic. While the dollar amount is unclear, sources close to negotiations have hinted some people may receive $600 or more. The proposal is still being finalized and allegedly does not include liability protections for employers or state or local funding. It’s been suggested they will now look into “other avenues” in order to deliver that assistance to those state and local governments.