Things You Didn’t Know You Needed From Amazon

Greg Rowles and Audra Grant compile a list of things we didn't know we needed before Carolina A.M.

Things you didn’t know you needed on Amazon before Carolina A.M.

The “Save to Splurge” edition

Never be without air with this portable electric compressor. 
Save yourself time and hassle by always having air with this portable electric air compressor with fast speed, auto shut off, led lighting, and 11 foot range, and extra nozzles for your bike, for just under $30.  A viewer recommended Audra carry one of these in her car at all times.  We agree, we all should.
Skip the pricey diagnostic fees at the dealership with this 
Audra is fed up with diagnostic fees and Greg can finally stop ignoring the light in his van with this gadget.  For anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.Know what’s wrong with your car before you take it to the mechanic.  Save money and frustration with this code reader that comes with a demonstration video.   Find out all about your car with this upgraded Autophix obd2 code reader , works on models 1996 and newer. $50 and free shipping.
Splurge and sit on this:
After saving on your vehicle, you can splurge and sit on this heated nightlight toilet seat. Audra’s friend Cindy recommends this for anyone who appreciates warm comfort.  It lights up at night, closes slowly (no slamming), no tool installation, and comes in elongated or round sizes. $103 and free shipping.
Multitask and workout at the office while you work (and literally work your bum off to pay for it)
Your bum will appreciate the warmth from the heated toilet seat after working out all day on this.  Work and workout at the same time with this under the desk elliptical machine by Cubii.  It’s portable.  Take it to work or leave it at home to use while you watch tv.  It even has a digital monitor keeps up with your progress.   With savings from the other items, it’s a deal that you can splurge for!