Teenager Arrested in Connection to Shooting at Wisconsin Mall

A teenager has been arrested following a shooting at a mall near Milwaukee. The incident occurred Friday evening at the Mayfair Mall. Police have determined the shooting was not random, but broke out after an altercation between two groups. Of the 8 people hurt, seven are adults and one is a teenager. Four of those were innocent bystanders who received non-life threatening injuries. Police confirmed most victims were now recovering at home. Around 75 law enforcement officers, including FBI, responded to the scene and by that time the shooter had fled but the weapon was recovered. The mall was put on lockdown for several hours during the investigation before shoppers and employees were escorted out by SWAT teams. Over the weekend a 15-year-old boy was apprehended, as well as several others in connection to the case. No further information has been released on the suspect or the shooting as of now. The mall is expected to reopen today.