Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleges Tyson Managers Bet on How Many Workers Would Get Covid-19

Managers at a Tyson meat processing plant are facing a wrongful death lawsuit after an employee lost his life to Covid-19. The legal action was filed this summer by Oscar Fernandez, after his father Isidro died in April. Prior to his death, Isidro worked at a facility in Waterloo, Iowa which is the company’s largest plant. The lawsuit alleges Tyson’s managers didn’t take sufficient measures to protect workers, and even encouraged them to come in while sick. Managers and even a top executive of the Waterloo factory were also accused of placing winner-take-all bets on how many workers would contract the virus. It’s also alleged they canceled safety meetings, denied knowledge about the spread of the virus, and delegated their duties to lower level, untrained supervisors in order to avoid catching the virus themselves. A spokesperson for Tyson said “We are extremely upset about the accusations” that “do not represent who we are.” Those named in the suit have been suspended without pay as an investigation into the incident continues.