New CDC Guidance Urges Americans to Avoid Travel This Thanksgiving

As the U.S. reported yet another daily record high of Covid-19 cases, the CDC issued a firm warning for Thanksgiving celebrations. More than 187,000 new infections were reported yesterday, marking it the highest since the pandemic began worldwide. There were also around 2,000 deaths. Healthcare workers are struggling to keep up with those drastic numbers, as well as hospitalizations as they quickly become overwhelmed. California has just joined the growing list of states who are imposing restrictions. They’ve implemented a curfew and a limited stay-at-home order. Now CDC is issuing new guidance on travel for this Thanksgiving and that is “don’t travel at all.” This comes as the U.S. saw the number of infections nationwide increase by a million in less than a week. This appears to have been a last ditch effort by the organization to curb the rapid spread, however their recommendation stopped just short of being a mandate. Any participation will have to be voluntary but they urge all Americans to heed their warning.

To see the full list of CDC guidance for this Thanksgiving, you can click here.