Man Federally Executed for Heinous Murder of Texas Teen in 1994

A man who was convicted of killing a Texas teen in 1994 has been federally executed. 49-year-old Orlando Hall ran a marijuana trafficking operation out of Arkansas. After a failed drug transaction worth $4,700, Hall and some associates drove to Texas to confront two brothers who owed them. They weren’t home, but their 16-year-old sister was. After Lisa Rene refused to let them inside, they broke in, kidnapped her at gunpoint and fled back across state lines. She was repeatedly sexually assaulted and beaten before being doused in gasoline and buried alive. In 1995, Hall was among five men found guilty for the heinous murder of Rene and sentenced to death. Hall has now become the eighth person to be federally executed this year after a 17-year hiatus. A judge’s stay over concerns about the execution drug only postponed the event for less than six hours. He was put to death just before midnight last night. Hall’s attorneys said he showed remorse for his actions and believe he never received a fair trial.