Trump Campaign Continues Election Legal Battle With Partial Recount in Wisconsin

While the Trump Administration is still fighting the election results in court, it appears they are beginning to accept the outcome. President Trump’s team has filed more than 30 court challenges across several battleground states. Of those 30, at least 19 have been outright dismissed, denied, settled or withdrawn, largely due to lack of evidence of widespread voter fraud. However, the president’s campaign continues to fight the results with their most recent lawsuit in Wisconsin. They have demanded a partial recount in two of the state’s counties where they allege there’s been “irregularities.” While it’s well within their rights to do so, it’s not likely to change the outcome as President-elect Biden is currently leading by 20,000 votes there. It’s beginning to look like the president, his team and allies, are coming to terms with this as well,with sources close to the president saying he’s being advised to accept his loss and make post-White House plans. It’s believed they will conclude their legal blitz sometime in December. Until then, the transition of power process will remain in suspended animation. The Electoral College formally votes on December 14th.